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A place for bare fanfiction!
Welcome to bare_fic!!!!

1. This is a fic community, so all of your fics should be about Bare: A Pop Opera. Crossovers are fine.
2. However, if you have Bare icons or are promoting a local production of Bare (like at your college or local theatre group), that's totally fine to share.
3. Back to fic. Pretty much any sort of fic is welcome here, be it slash, smut, angst, what have you, but make sure any sort of warnings that may apply are clearly labeled in your header.
4. All ratings and pairings welcome.
5. RPS is fine too, but make sure it's labeled clearly and friends locked.
6. This should go without saying, but don't plagerize. That's just not cool.
7. Feel free to tag your entries!! We'll have basic ones listed in the sidebar that you can use. When you first post, we'll make you an author tag so others who enjoy your work can find all of it later. Or you can not tag it and we'll just tag it for you. Here are some general guidelines about tagging.
8. All fics (and icons or large pictures) should be under a LJ-cut (or linked to your fic journal or whatever). If you don't know how to make a cut, go here.
9. Make an introduction post when you join so the rest of the community can get to know you.
10. Since we're a new community, we don't have a ton of members. So it'd be cool if you made a post in your journal or any relevant communities to advertise us so more Bare fans can find us and share their fic etc too!

Header Template

Subject Line: TITLE // PAIRING // BY:


It doesn't have to be exactly that, but those are the basics to include. Add or subtract as necessary. The subject doesn't have to be exact either, but something like that.


Fill out an intro post when you join, if you'd like!

Favorite Bare song:
Favorite Bare character:
Favorite Bare pairing:
Favorite Bare actor:
Fic journal link: (if you have one)
Other things you like:
Anything else you'd like to add:

Rating System

Use your best judgment when it comes to rating your fics. If you're still not sure, here are some guidelines to follow.

G pure fluff, light romance, no bad language
PG slight language, angst, a little more than kissing
PG13 more than five minor curses, the F word, angsty angst, heavier romance
R a lot of cursing, straightforward allusions to sex, nongraphic sex, dark stuff
NC17 smut

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Your mods are Zoe (t3hzoe) and Sarah (misswritten), so if you have a question, want to make a suggestion, or anything really, feel free to contact us through messages or whatever. We won't bite!